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We are a small home-based breeder of AKC registered Spinone Italiano dogs.  It is our goal to raise only the highest quality, healthy, good tempered, and true-to-standard puppies who will contribute to the overall betterment of the breed.  Our dogs have received all vaccinations and have been health-tested before breeding.  All puppies will receive the appropriate vaccinations, health exams and treatments and will be microchipped before they leave for their new forever homes. 
We are members in good standing of the Spinone Club of America and adhere to their code of ethics and standards. 
Our dogs are first and foremost valued and loved members of our family.  They live in our home and share our life in every way possible.   We welcome anyone interested in a Spinone puppy to call and visit with us about the breed and about your expectations and desires for a Spinone.  We encourage and want you to come and meet our dogs and puppies.   In addition, we encourage anyone who buys one of our puppies to keep in contact with us about their puppy throughout his life.  We are interested in our dogs and we are available to answer any questions that may arise.  We have been fortunate to have excellent mentors and we wish to share our knowledge and love for the breed with anyone interested in the Spinone.   

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