Ch Mals-About Miss BeeHavin'

Millie is our second Spinone.  She and her littermates were from the "Bee" litter and she was such a good puppy; thus her name (and perhaps a little positive thinking as well). 
Millie is a calm, easy-going dog.  She is very intelligent and is easily trained; however, like most Spins, because of her intelligence she gets bored with repetition.  She is very social, loves meeting new people and dogs, and is wonderful with little children.  At the dog park, Millie makes the rounds.   Millie is Miss Congeniality!  She makes a point of meeting all of the humans, being sure that each one gives her a good pat and a scratch.  And, she meets and plays with all of the dogs, too, even the tiniest ones!  Even though they are a larger breed, the Spinone seems to have an understanding that smaller animals and children are to be treated with care.  Social though she is, she never lets us get too far away before she comes to check on us, just to be sure that we are having a good time too! 
Millie has a strong hunting instinct and, although we don't hunt, she does!  She frequently will point to various wildlife on our walks, just to be sure that we see them too!   It has been an interesting observation of both of our dogs regarding their ability to know the difference between "game" and the average "yard bird".  While they are interested in the normal bird, they go crazy when presented with a game bird or even wild fish (especially trout!).  So, the hunting instinct is there! 
Millie's favorite thing is to be with her humans.  She loves going anywhere or doing any thing as long are we are there too!  She loves riding in the car, going on vacations, playing in the water, going on the boat (espeically when we catch fish!), being petted and scratched, playing in the snow, running or cross country skiing with her human dad, and just sleeping at our feet.  Millie is a great dog and companion.  She is a clown, as most Spinone can be, and she can be quite vocal in telling us what she wants.  Millie loves to please us and does her best to always make us smile.  Millie is just a happy, healthy Spinone girl.
Millie earned her ACK Champion status on March 13, 2008 at 1 1/2 years of age.  While she loves being in the conformation show ring, we miss her too much when she is gone!  Therefore, her show career is now limited to shows in the local area.  Millie and I did make MY debute in the show ring this past February at the Plum Creek Dog Show in Denver.  Although we didn't win (likely due to the ineptness of her handler---me!), we did have fun  together in the ring.  I must admit that there were a few times when Milie just looked at me as if to say, "Come on, Mom.  We're supposed to be doing something else now!  Let's go!"  Perhaps we'll do it again sometime (after the puppies have gone to their new homes).  It was fun and Millie was very patient with me.
We are excited about Millie's first litter of puppies!  Due to her loving, calm, easy-going nature, we expect that she will be a good mommy and will teach her babies good Spinone traits and proper social skills.  Come back often to get updates on the puppies and to see lots of puppy pictures!