Ch. Mals-About Winter Solstice

The first dogs that we owned were Basset Hounds.  We had several litters of Basset puppies and then changed our focus to raising our own children.  We still had Bassets but no more puppies.  When our last child left home and
our last Basset died of old age, we decided to look into
another breed. After much research, we chose the Spinone; it just seemed like a good fit for us.
Zooki was our first Spinone.  What a pretty, fun puppy she was!  After owning Basset Hounds for almost 30 years, having a sporting breed was a new experience. Zooki was the perfect dog for us!
We had never been involved in showing dogs before; however, since Zooki was a show-quality dog, we decided to let her show her stuff in the ring.  She not only earned her AKC Champion status but also received several Group placements as well.  After a fun career in the conformation ring, however, she decided to retire and stay home with her new Spinone sister, Millie, and her humans.  You see, the saying of Spinone becoming addictive is true. Zooki convinced us that we couldn't be own by just one Spinone!
Zooki loves life and especially being with her humans.  She is a true outdoors girl!  She loves to go on walks or hikes, run or cross country ski with her human dad, go in the car (or any place we go), go to the dog park, go fishing, and hunting for anything that moves.  She LOVES the snow!  Zooki is a very smart girl and was very easy to train; however, sometimes she does have a mind of her own.  She loves playing with other dogs and she is a very kind and gentle girl around children.  Zooki also enjoys helping in the kitchen.  She usually stays close at meal-preparation times to offer advice and to be the official taster, just in case something falls on the floor!  After a fun day, however, Zooki is quite content to curl up with her humans and enjoy just hanging out at home. 
Zooki has taught us many things, most important being what a very special girl she is and what a wonderful and delightful breed the Spinone is as well!