Millie and Michael's Puppies
"The Girls"
The babies were delivered around noon on Thursday, July 22, 2010.  They are both happy, healthy brown roan baby girls.  Within minutes, they were placing their orders for lunch and moving around actively to find the dinner table.  Momma Millie got busy serving lunch and doing the laundry and they have all been content and happy ever since.   Enjoy the photos of "the girls" and come back frequently to see how quickly they grow! 

Day 1:  Everyone is happy and content,
resting well after their busy day!
(click the photo to enlarge)

The baby with more spots weighed in at 1 lb. 3 oz. while her sister weighed 15 1/2 oz.  Millie reports that their lungs are well developed and they are more than able to "belly" up to the milk bar with no problem!  Although mostly white now, they will probably get more brown and more roaning as they grow up.
Visit us often for more photos!

Days 2, 3, 4:  The puppies are growing
like litte weeds!  They have each gained about half a pound. 
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Hangin' out with Mom
Everyone asleep
Being a mom is hard work!
We got our tails docked today.  Not bad at all!  By the way, everyone who delivered us was SO excited to see us and to see how well we are doing.  They all thought we were darling!

Days 5, 6 and 7:  Look how much we have grown!  We are looking more
like dogs now!  We have doubled our birth weight in just 7 days! 
(click the photo to enlarge)

    Our noses       and           our "toeses"Our ears are getting
  are starting to turn brown!longer and starting to flop!

Almost 2 Weeks Old:  We are getting bigger, fatter and stronger!  We still  sleep and eat most of the time but we are THINKING about opening our   eyes to see the world.  Aren't we beautiful?
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Our favorite thing---
next to eating!
Our noses are getting larger
  but we only tell the truth!
(more spots girl)
Aunt Zooki
checking up
I'm getting a pretty
Spinone nose too
(more white girl)

3 Weeks Old:  We have had a big week!  We have passed many developmental 
milestones and are starting to really grow and thrive.  We have also had several
visitors this week.  People are FUN!!   Things we have learned just this week:
(click the photo to enlarge)

How to walk and explore
How to climb
Many new smells
How to sit like a dog
How to play
with my sister
How to eat BIG dog
food (or step in it!)
How to climb
...and off of
Exercise and learning
can be tiring!
How to look cute
That there is a door to our box!
That Mom is still
the best chef in town!
1 Month Old:  Another BIG week for us!  We have learned to walk better, climb more, look even cuter, play with toys, bark, play outdoors, EXPLORE, smell WONDERFUL smells, walk on grass and concrete, and grow teeth!  We have had a great week!
(click o the phono to enlarge)
WOW!  What's this?
What's this smell?
Which one???
My first "point"!
What's this?
Aunt Zooki, that you?
Thanks for the snack, Mom!
Time to go now.
I told you that  I am
a sweetheart!
We're pooped!
Debby came to visit
and look what she brougt us!
New toys!!!!!
Week 5:  This has been an exciting week too!  We moved into the living room.  Our humans want us to get used to all the noise and activity which is way cool!  We are getting TEETH.  Mom still serves snacks but we are eating more dog gruel.  Went with Mom to the vet for a check-up.  We're all doing great!  We now weigh well over 7 lbs.  We can trot, sort of.  We love people and exploring.  We are REALLY cute and fun little girls!
Grass, huh?
Refreshment stand
I'm stuck!
Wow!  Smell this!
Aunt Zooki, what's this?
Aren't I cute?
What's on my nose?
Time for a nap
or a chew on the pot!