What's a Spinone?

Recognized by the American Kennel Club in 2000, the Spinone Italiano is an old, well established breed in Europe.  Originating in Northern Italy, the Spinone is a versatile hunting dog---a Spin will flush, point, and retrieve, he does it all--- and, as such, is included in the AKC Sporting Group for conformation shows. 
Though initially a rare breed in the US, the gentle Spinone is becoming better known and more popular.  With the characteristic head, including bushy eyebrows and beard and the "human-like" eyes, the even-tempered Spinone is a good family dog as well as a dedicated and steady hunting companion.  The wire-haired Spinone requires minimal grooming---a quick brush and a little tidying up will do it. 
The Spinone is an easy-going clown who loves his humans.  They are non-agressive by nature and do not make good guard dogs.  The Spinone loves human contact and thrives as a member of the family. Spins do not do well without this frequent human interaction.   Spins are equally at home in the field and in the conformation ring and enjoy other "games" like obedience, rally, tracking, or anything that their humans do.  Because of their gentle nature, Spinoni are good therapy dogs and some even participate in the school classroom.  They enjoy and need exercise but are also good couch potatoes.
Warning:  The Spinone Italiano is addictive.  Like candy, it is hard to have just one!

Read the AKC Breed Standard for the Spinone Italiano

Photo by Butch McCartney Photography